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Do you have the urge to purge?

And no this isn’t my closet but I certainly wish it were!

January is a good time to start planning on home renovation projects or an update to refresh your home. Remember your home is your sanctuary!

For me it starts on January 2nd! Seriously, right after New Year’s Day when I am suddenly soooooo over the holiday decor I want all the clutter to be gone in an instant. It hits me like a sudden itch I can’t quite reach and the anti-nesting commences for the next couple of months but its a good itch as decluttering soothes my soul.

One of the first things to do is to get rid of the clutter, donate items, simplify and reorganise what you have left to reset your home in preparation for the home reno project and for the forthcoming year. A home should be a haven filled with the things we need and love that functions well.

De-cluttering and reorganizing will make a renovation or home improvement more manageable and it will likely be more seamless, well as seamless as a renovation update can be! So it’s definitely worth the extra time and effort to purge the clutter, as not only will you have a beautifully updated space for you to enjoy and relax in, you may very well have some coveted ‘InstaGlam’ worthy pics!

Happy purging!

Julia xox

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