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Wallpaper Wednesday! Some InstaGlam powder rooms that pack some punch!

Wallpaper has seen a huge revival in recent years especially in powder rooms and bathrooms. Whoever said wallpaper in a bathroom is a bad idea? Think again!

There are an infinite number of patterns, textures, colours and designs available and the right wallpaper can add pizazz to an otherwise ordinary space. Don’t be afraid to use a large scale print or a bold pattern to add some bling to a small space such as a powder room or a bathroom as it can really be very effective. It can be used as a statement on all four walls or as an accent on one wall behind a bed, sofa or vanity in a powder room or even on the ceiling. Bold statement papers are on trend for 2021 and I'm all for it!

Wallpaper creates dimension, visual warmth, eye catching interest, really enhancing small spaces and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for powder rooms and bathrooms. Let’s face it, in these continuing Covid days whilst we are working from and staying home more often and/or home schooling, who doesn’t want a gorgeous room all to oneself? I certainly do! Why not turn a bathroom into a spa like sanctuary somewhere to diffuse and unwind or pretty up a powder room with a chic or statement wallpaper.

There are so many practical options now and it is important to choose the right wallpaper depending on where it is to go. In bathrooms, mud rooms, kitchens, kids play rooms and for the pampered pooch, - doggie shower rooms or any other rooms where moisture, humidity, splashing, sticky little finger marks or doggie paws could be an issue there are some very durable waterproof, scrubbable, wipeable and even peel and stick options, which can last for years. If humidity isn’t a consideration and there is plenty of ventilation then a standard wallpaper would be fine.

What I love about wallpaper is that whereas with paint I feel inclined to change it every couple of years, maybe every other year in high traffic areas of the house, I feel differently with wallpaper. In the rooms I have added wallpaper it has an enduring beauty and looks as fresh as the day it was installed. Now doesn’t that sound like a winning option!

Here are some of my InstaGlam favourites:

Let me know your favourites!

Julia xox

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