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Top Outdoor Project ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic

Now that we are home just a tad more than we are used to, it's a great idea to create or re-think an outdoor space. According to author J.R. Rim 'most people spend less time outdoors than prisoners' but studies show that spending time outdoors in sunlight, is not only therapeutic and mentally pleasing, exposure to vitamin D increases our vitality and is proven to make our bodies more resilient, so recovery times from illness or injury are much quicker. Here are some ideas to get you outside for your vitamin D fix and keep everyone occupied during uncertain times:

Build a fire pit: A fire pit introduces an intimate and festive feeling to any outdoor living area Whether you decide to custom build it, buy it, make it yourself or add a free standing portable fire pit there are many possibilities out there. For some great ideas see House Beautiful

Get some chickens: The pandemic has increased interest in raising young chickens which is super easy for a reliable supply of eggs and a search for new hobbies. Now people are working remotely or furloughed and children are at home, people are looking for something fun for their families to do whilst having a regular supply of plump golden yokes every day. If you like the idea of pastoral bliss and a simpler life or are feeling 'cooped up' by spending all this new time at home you may want to start a coop of your own!

Coops and coop kits are readily available practically everywhere from pet shops, backyard supply and farm equipment stores, Amazon, Home Depot and even Walmart or they can be custom made and locally Clarke Farm in Connecticut makes some beautiful coops.

Build or convert a shed into a kiddie playhouse which gives them a fun place to play and make believe. Or for older children and teens they can use it as a hangout room. For adults who just need a little peace and quiet or need room to pursue a hobby it can be a man cave or a 'she-shed!' Yes that is a real word!

Make or buy a sandbox for your younger children or toddlers to play in. If you are handy, doing it yourself is inexpensive and extremely easy. A great hands on project to include the kiddos in! This Old House step by step video has great instructions for a fun family project.

Create or build a vegetable garden. Gardening is a therapeutic family friendly hobby which provides a guaranteed supplementary source of food during uncertain times. During the pandemic more and more people are turning to gardening and the sales of fruit and vegetable seeds have skyrocketed world-wide. Whether you have a balcony, roof top, garden or back yard there are many options of container gardening to suit your needs and budget.

Create a 'glampsite' by adding a large tent to your back garden or yard, there are some gorgeous circular tee pee tents out there such as the mother of all teepees - the Lotus Belle tent. A close cousin and more affordable alternative is the Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent available on Amazon. Another pretty option is the heirloom quality vintage style bell Stout Tent.

A great thing about a larger tent is that it provides more space for your children to play and will provide hours of fun both day and night. Furnish with a soft area rug or indoor/outdoor rug, beds or a quality air mattress, and for older children or adults high-quality sheets and bedding, side tables, and any thing else that rocks your tent making your glampsite unique and comfortable.

For your perfect staycation, add some easy to make 'glamp' foods such as burgers, hotdogs, grilled pizza, bbq'd chicken and salad to heat up over your 'glampfire' and don't forget the s'mores!.

Add a string or two of twinkling or white outdoor lights across a patio, over a deck, under an umbrella, around a pergola, in or around a tree, on a gazebo or if space is limited teeny tiny string lights can be placed inside a lantern. Don't be afraid to get creative, they add instant appeal and an intimacy to any space, great especially for summer entertaining.

And finally kick back and relax with a hammock. If you don't happen to have a good strong pair of trees or posts available in your garden or back yard don't fret, there are plenty of gorgeous hammocks with their own hammock stands .

I hope you and your family have fun creating an enjoyable peaceful and memorable space in your newly created oasis!

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